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Headquartered at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama, ACC is a two-star command with two subordinate one-star commands - the Expeditionary Contracting Command (for locations outside the continental United States) and the Mission and Installation Contracting Command - and five major contracting centers that provide support to AMC's life cycle management commands.

These centers also provide contracting support to several program executive offices and program managers supporting the U.S. Army's major acquisition programs.

From food and clothing to bullets and bombs; from tanks, trucks, and HMMWVs to boats and aircraft; from their weapons to the installations where they work and live with their families, ACC ensures U.S. Soldiers have what they need to be successful.

As the Army's business conduit, ACC offers the contracting expertise of some of the best-trained people in the Army, ready to support the war fighter while ensuring responsible stewardship of taxpayers' funds.

ACC ensures contracting support to the Soldier as mission requirements emerge and as the Army transforms and operates within the continental United States and throughout the globe.

An international business enterprise, the command awarded nearly 190,000 contracts in fiscal year 2013 valued at more than $61 billion, which is equal to 70 percent of the Army's contract dollars and 13 percent of the total dollars spent on contracts by the entire federal government. ACC accomplishes this with more than 6,100 military and civilian employees at more than 100 locations worldwide.

The ECC provides effective and agile contracting service across the full spectrum of military operations for U.S. Army Service Component Commanders in support of Army and joint operations as well as to other defense organizations at locations outside the continental United States.

ECC accomplishes this vital mission through nine contracting support brigades, 17 contingency contracting battalions, 16 senior contingency contracting teams, and 92 contingency contracting teams throughout the world.  In FY 2012, ECC executed more than 47,000 contract actions worth almost $1.8 billion.

The MICC provides contracting support for the Soldier across Army commands, installations, and activities located throughout the continental United States and Puerto Rico.

Its customers include the U.S. Army Installation Management Command, U.S. Army Forces Command, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, U.S. Army North, U.S. Army Reserve Command, and U.S. Army Medical Command.

The MICC consists of  two field directorate offices and 35 field offices. In FY 2012, the command executed more than 58,000 contract actions worth almost $6.3 billion, including more than $2.6 billion to small businesses.

With a wealth of contracting expertise, ACC professionals are dedicated to providing the highest quality of contracting support to all of their customers, whenever and wherever needed. A combat multiplier, the Army Contracting Command is doing its part to keep the Army strong. If a Soldier needs it, ACC buys it.


ACC delivers contracting solutions in order to support the Army and unified land operations anytime and anywhere. Vision To be recognized by our supported commands and stakeholders as a strategic partner and mission enabler by maintaining the highest standards in service, reliability and operational excellence.

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